Please Don't Abandon Your Rabbit

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Because we have more rabbits in need of foster homes than we have space, we cannot foster rabbits from individuals. 

Although it is heartbreaking, we cannot take in every rabbit so we focus our rescue efforts on rabbits in shelters whose time has run out. We always have a waiting list and a vacant space is usually filled within hours of an adoption.

If it is truly impossible for you to keep your rabbit, please read "Finding a Home For Your Rabbit," and list him on our websiteand If you cannot keep your rabbit until a new home has been found, PLEASE take him to a shelter. 

However, if your rabbit has a behavioral issue that is making him difficult to live with, like refusing to use his litter box, we can help.  Contact us.


An Important Task: clean your dryer vent

Here is our reminder that it's time to vacuum out your dryer vent! 

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Before you get a rabbit: Get the facts. Is a rabbit right for your family?

* Rabbits are not "low-maintenance" pets and are as much work as a dog.

* Rabbits live 8 to 10 years.

* Rabbits belong indoors as they are a member of a family.

* Rabbits eat lots of hay. If anyone in your household has allergies, please get tested before bringing a rabbit in to your house.

* Rabbits purchased from pet stores are usually very young and will need to be spayed and neutered when they reach maturity. 

*Your home must be bunny-proofed, or Thumper will chew cords and furniture.

* Baby BUNNIES in pet stores are often very young and docile. Children often like a companion they can hold and cuddle and most rabbits are not suited for such attention. 

* Caring for a rabbit does not teach responsibility. We've learned that daily care can become an unfortunate (almost daily) argument between child and parent. In the end, the rabbit ends up being resented by everyone and everyone looses while the parents try to find a new home for the rabbit.

 In cases where rabbits and children DO work, parents did their homework before bringing home a rabbit, and often involved the child in the process.hey discussed what is realistic to expect from a rabbit (rabbits do not warm up to people the same way dogs do and are most active at dawn and dusk), and if the child/ family is actually looking for a rabbit or a "dog in a rabbit's coat." We have a great website called The Interactive Bun just for this purpose. The feedback we've gotten on this website has been wonderful!

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